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Sit Downs Episode 2

When I tell you, it's been a lot time since producing has been F.U.N., it's been a long ass time. Earlier in the spring, I decided to produce a summer series with a both of media makers to discuss films we have seen during quarantine or currently and it's going better than I expected. But I shouldn't be surprised either since I am one helluva producer.

I decided to do this series because I'm always watching something or something is always watching me and some times, I need to talk about. Well, I've been doing alot of venting about these films. If I wasn't calling Roe, I'm calling Jessica or calling whomever else I know watches the current film I need to talk about. So, I filmed it and share our discussions because we have a lot to say. Shooting was the easiest part - ZOOM. It was suppose to be half-hour episodes, but that didn't happen and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

But I have to admit, I miss this. I miss enjoying myself. What I miss most of all is that I'm producing my own sh*t. All the long hours put into producing an episode is for MY show. That's something that I have fallen off on doing for a while. And what makes this so great is I'm working with some of my favorite people. People who I KNOW believes in me and wants me to win.

So, if you haven't already, check us out and join the conversation.


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