Created 2006, Billecia (pronounced bil-EE-shah) Production is a Brooklyn-based all-around media production company founded by T. Billi Martin to present the vast amount of independent artistry.

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Desperation, starring Sandy Kim, Jonas Garberg, and Saudia Cunningham, is a conversation-starter that is lacking in films today. The goal with this film is to trigger people talking TO each other, instead of AT each other.  This story initiates answered questions and well thought-out opinions by varies people who sees something different.  We all will see the same ending as a group, but individually, everyone sees something different; a difference to be reviewed and discussed by your fellow patron who you wouldn't normally speak to on the street. 

January 2019 will mark 10 years from Desperation's release date.  Stay tuned for upcoming details of an anniversary screening where you will be able to catch-up with the actors and director/writer of the film.  Additional films will also be screened by Billecia Productions at the anniversary reunion so this will be a great opportunity to network with fellow filmmakers. 

Restored, The Play

Restored, The Play

Final Cut - Restored, the stageplay

Final Cut - Restored, the stageplay

RESTORED, the stageplay, played at the Billie Holiday Theater (pre-renovation) in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn on September 27, 2007

for two SOLD-OUT shows! 

T. Billi Martin - Director/Producer

Deborah Bracker - Writer/Producer

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