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Covid19 Compliance Ofc, T Billi Martin

Covid-19 Compliance Officer

In addition to her production experience, T. Billi Martin is a certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO). A C19CO is a newly designated position who is responsible for establishing and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, training staff, and monitoring compliance on all film, music video, and commercial sets.  A C19CO is intended for a person who is educated in the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, disinfection, social distancing, CDC, local, and state guidelines, and other information related to preventing the spread of infection on a film production set.  A C19CO is responsible for safety compliance and enforcement of rules. 

FAQ to hire a C19CO


Should all sets have a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO)?

Yes.  Just like all sets should have a Producer, 1st AD, Key Grip, Key PA, Set Medic, etc., the COVID-19 Compliance Officer is another necessary crew member.


Does the COVID-19 Compliance Officer need to be a trained medical professional?

No. But they do have to be certified.


How many COVID-19 Compliance Officers should be on set?

The C19CO should be a stand-alone crew position with no other on set responsibilities.  Health Education Services suggest 1 officer for every 20 people.  A Key C19CO should manage their team and be point of contact for production.


When should the Compliance Officer be engaged?

A COVID-19 Compliance Officer should be thought of as a key department head.  This means they should be a part of:

  • Tech scouts

  • Prepping crew the day before the shoot

  • Shoot days

  • Wrap


Can a COVID-19 Compliance Officer perform other duties if they have production experience?


No. No position on set should replace a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. A COVID-19 Compliance Officer SHOULD NOT be asked to do any other duties on set.


Besides the NY State of Health Business Affirmation, what else is needed at the time of hiring a COVID-19 Compliance Officer?


The COVID-19 Compliance Officer needs confirmation of the following:

  • The producer/production company will work with the COVID-19 Compliance Officer to develop protocol for the shoot. 

  • The producer/production company will follow all local, state, and CDC guidelines for operating their production.

  • The producer/production company will enforce guidelines on their set and work with the COVID-19 Compliance Officer to manage compliance on their sets.


Do I have to print out health screenings and router lists?

No.  The COVID-19 Compliance Officer will collect health screening surveys and router digitally only.  A copy will be emailed to the producer/production company.


After wrap, what will the COVID-19 Compliance Officer provide the producer/production company?

The COVID-19 Compliance Officer will send all of the following within 24 hours of the production wrap:

  • Health entry screening questionnaires

  • Roster list

  • Compliance report

  • Compliance Officer invoice


What is in a kit and supplies list?


Link to kit list


Is there an additional fee for a kit & supplies list?

For Ms Martin, the kit fee is apart of her per day rate.  

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