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Mental Health Matters....dammit!!

Awareness around mental health has been an enormous issue in our society much longer that we will ever admit to.

I want to start off by saying that I think you are a special kind of stupid if you think it’s funny to mock others who seek therapy and/or rely on medication to cope with life. As you waste your time laughing about someone taking the time to heal and seek help, you’re only making a fool of yourself. You’re only showing how weak and immature you really are.

It takes strength to ask for help. Don’t believe me? Ask a stranger for $20 for no reason. And don’t be ignorant about it. Go up to a stranger and say, “Hi, there. Do you mind giving me $20? Because I need it for reasons that I cannot explain right now, but I will when I feel comfortable and safe with you.” Now, let’s say the stranger gives you $30 instead of $20 and the gesture makes you feel good. You feel so good that you want to share the good news, right? So, you call someone you trust and share that you just received $30 from a stranger for no reason. That someone’s response is, “why would you take $30 from a stranger for no reason? What’s WRONG with you?! You don’t know what they’ll have you end up doing for that $30!” Now, you feel hurt, embarrassed and will never ask for anything from a stranger again. Think about how that’ll make you feel, the thoughts you’re having, everything your body is experiencing just to go ask for $20. Now, multiply all those feelings by 20 and you’ll have an idea what it takes to seek counseling.

Before anyone can build the courage to confide with a therapist, first they have to be honest with themselves. You have to admit to yourself that you have an issue or problem that you want to have resolved. That takes courage to be honest enough with yourself to do something about. You choose to no longer suffer in silence.

Only the weak and ignorant cannot comprehend that type of strength that’s why she, I mean they, finds comfort in ridicule. And yet, she, I mean they, walks around with no edges, bad credit and a man who will never marry you. That’s why she, I mean they, have to resort to lies and pretend to be something she will never be.

I pity any and every one who chooses to keep that type of person in their lives.

Yours Truly,

A survivor

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