Are you, or someone you know/did know or related to, 65 yrs and older and lives has changed drastically by the COVID-19 virus? Are you willing to talk about it publicly?


I am Producer/Director/Writer Billi Martin and I am looking for participants over age 65 seniors who are willing to share their experience with the coronavirus.  Seniors and/or senior’s survivors are welcomed.  The selected person medical records proving they suffered from Covid19, regardless of the outcome.  And have medical records reflecting your results.  If you have lost a loved one to Covid 19 and that loved one was over 65 yrs of age, you are also welcomed to talk to us about it.


This recorded interview is for a public service announcing short documentary, up to 4 minutes, to be submitted into the MegaCities ShortDocs Festival 2021.   My goal with submitting this film into the festival is to continue the important conversation about the impact Covid19 has had on our monarchs in the black families.  Showcasing to the rest of the world how Covid19 has attacked our black communities in ways never mentioned in daily news.  Interview taping will be a one-day, 1-2 hr taping at a mutual location. 

If you or someone you know are interested in this important conversation, please contact me.

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Please know, there is no compensation for this project except film credit and bragging rights.  A release form will be provided. 

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Jessica Mason invites T. Billi Martin to discuss the struggles and joys of single Motherhood on her podcast "Necessary Conversations with a Black Woman". March 4, 2021

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This installment of B Scene celebrates Black History Month with Black TV Matters. This program will feature programming from Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Podcast Network Producers including work from the McCammon brothers (Minority Report) and T. Billi Martin (Women are Talking).  Starts at 19:39.