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Obama: An Intimate Portrait: The Historic Presidency in Photographs

Dear Pete Souza,

I dedicate this blog to you because there’s no one directly I want to share my thoughts and feelings with about your book but you…(and The Obamas, of course). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your book is absolutely beautiful. You really captured the essence of this awesome man the world has grown to love for 8 years. Thank you. You shared moments we would have NEVER known about, and reminded us of fond memories we may have forgotten. Thank you. The relationship you have with POTUS Obama is one to envy. You clearly love him. You didn’t just show him as the smiling face of America. But you also showed him when he’s worried, troubled, stressed and even defeated. You showed the genuine humanity in him. Thank you.

I was trying my best to hold back tears until this one pic. This is my favorite out of your entire book, although you have about 2 million pics. This one made the tears FALL!

Obama at Beau Biden's funeral

The love between Barack and VPOTUS Joe Biden aka Uncle Joe is SO beautiful to witness. I know Uncle Joe has his own photographer, but I would REALLY love to see you release a photo book of just Barack and Uncle Joe and call it The Bromance We Approve Of. Just a suggestion. Just from the pics of them you’ve taken, you clearly love their relationship as well.

Through your images, you remind us of how much we love him too. And I agree with the staff, leave that pic of with the little boy touching his hair. I saw my son as that little boy and it brought tears to my eyes. You said you have about 2 mil pics, I'm looking forward to Book 2.

Here’s a few of my other favs, in no particular order:

Once again, thank you so much, Mr. Souza. Now, get to working on book 2.

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