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BET Awards 2018/Luke Cage, Season 2

So, the BET Awards happened with Jamie Foxx hosting on Jun 24, 2018. What did you think of it? Out of 5 stars, I’ll give it a 3. To me, Jamie had to work overtime to prevent people from falling asleep. The performances were unexpectedly good. Here’s my rundown:

J-Cole performed as expected.

Congrats to DJ Khaled. Looking forward to his new album, Father of Ahmad. I tell you, Khaled is the king of optimism.

“The Hate You Give” with Regina Hall and Russell Hornsby, the dude who played the husband/father in 7 seconds playing the SAME husband/father role in this movie. This movie looks very promising tho. It looks like it has a pretty good cast. Made me think back to Netflix’s Seven Seconds with Regina King and Russell Hornsby. That show was very honest. Can be hard to watch if you actually believe Santa Claus is real and that racism ended the day Obama was elected. “The Hate You Give” may speak from another POV of a witness/bystander to the hate crimes committed against black men in this country.

SZA wins BET award.

Yvonne Orji was so stunning in that red dress!! WERK!!

SZA FINALLY won a damn award ON TV! It took long enough! I mean, damn!

The Migos performed. * deep sigh* I didn’t understand ONE word. If it wasn’t for the graphic on the backdrop, I wouldn’t have known the name of their song. Listening to them reminds me to get back to my Spanish lessons because being bilingual is important now more than ever. LL Cool J and Luke Cage were enjoying their show tho.

Speaking of Luke Cage, season 2. *another deep sigh*. Firstly, I want to say RIP to Reg E Cathey. Didn’t even know he passed until seeing the ending credits. I lost touch of him since Men Without Jobs and he was so pleasant to work with. Kept me laughing and was so sweet to me. No, he never flirted or made me feel uncomfortable. He was just cool to work with and I LOVED the sound of his voice. As for the rest of the season, it was NOT what I expected. I am fairly disappointed. Like last season, EVERYBODY’s acting was on point expected for Luke Cage (Mike Colter). I mean, really? Do this guy NOT watch his own work? He is gorgeous, yes. But it stops right there. I can watch him all day as long as the volume is on MUTE. Season 1 was a success but production could’ve invested in an effective acting coach for the LEAD ACTOR?! It wasn’t as bad as Iron Fist, but it’s damn close! GET HIM SOME

ACTING CLASSES, PLEASE!!! His physique is necessary for the role, but I am so over the amateur acting. I’m feeling offended. Thank God for actors like Theo Rossi (Shades) and Alfre Woodard (Mariah) who, I felt, KEPT the season interesting. Two thumbs up for bringing in Jamaican characters like Bushmaster, played by Mustafa Shakir and my homey Kevin Mambo who played Sheldon Shaw. Their accents were STRONG!! Being Guyanese-American, I understood every word, but I couldn’t help to wonder if those who are not keen to Caribbean accents needed subtitles. The entire atmosphere of Gwen’s was very authentic. Make me hungry for some curry goat…Guyanese style tho.

One more thing, I was glad to see Piranha get killed off. OFF WITH HIS DAMN HEADS WITH HIS ANNOYING ASS!!

And finally, Luke Cage is a crime boss now? That’s what we’re doing now? And did they HAVE to kill off my fav, Alfre Woodard. That was NOT cool. But it WAS cool how she was killed tho. All those attempts to kill her through the season and all it took were a kiss from her daughter played by Gabrielle Dennis. Lol Overall, the script needed WORK. I put Luke Cage on a higher standard than it deserved. My bad. Now, back to the BET Awards.

Who is looking forward to the Bobby Brown movie?

Congrats to Tiffany Haddish. Thank you for always being YOU.

Lol @ Jamie Foxx saying Miguel was 9 years old. He has a beautiful voice for a “9 yr old” but the whole stage performance needed some work. Well, maybe not all, but A LOT. I was trying to be nice. Nope, I didn’t make it.

SiR was off-key. Or was the song supposed to sound like that?

Congrats Migos. Y’all are WINNING for real! I still need subtitles to understand y’all tho.

Jamie Foxx in the bathrobe. Yum.

Nicki Minaj performance. Those Asian dancers were FIRE!! But the rest of the performance confirmed I am indeed disconnected to today’s Hip Hop. #JawOnFloor #NotPleased

We already know Black Panther was gonna win in every category.

Very fitting to have Tyler Perry to introduce the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Anita Baker. She is so beautiful. Her tribute by Faith Evans, Ledisi, Jaime and then ending with Yolanda Adams. Mannnnnnn!! That was some SAAAAAANNNNGGING!!!! Yolanda made me AND Anita shed a tear.

John Legend announced the real-life Heroes. Shaun King, Congrats on your BET Award. I literally screamed out, “We’re FB friends!” lol

Meek Mil at the BET Awards was pleasant to see. I wonder how the tension with him and Nicki backstage was. But I actually enjoyed his whole performance and I’m not ashamed of saying so.

Deborah Lee gets a BET Award for over 30 years of service. So, she awards herself at her job for doing her job. Oh ok.

Let’s end with Yolanda Adams bringing some joy again.

What did YOU think of the BET Awards?

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