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The 90th Academy Awards aired Mar 4, 2018 on ABC

There’s a lot one can say about the 90th Oscars, about the white-washing, the type-casting, the structured underdogs, the bad fashion, Jimmy Kimmel hosting for a 2nd time, etc. But I really don’t want to go that route. I just want to talk about is one particular win - Best Screenplay Winner, Jordan Peele.

Ok, this win, I really took personally. Peele was the 1st African-American to be nominated for an Oscar in 3 major categories: Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Picture. He’s also the 1st African-American to WIN for Best Screenplay. I WANTED TO BE THE 1ST!! There were a lot of 1st time winners for crew members but this Best Screenplay win almost made me shed a tear. People don’t realize how difficult it is to be recognized for good writing, and even less likely for a screenplay. But to actually WIN for it? OMG! Peele just made it so possible for so many black writers in the industry like me. What piss me off are people who don’t understand the importance of a story like THIS being told. We NEVER had a movie being so raw told about race like THAT. HAVE WE?? , but it was still a necessary story to tell. If you need to be explained what I mean about that, you need to go take some African-American history classes. It wasn’t a black or white movie, it was a race movie. No, it wasn’t the typical race movie like was a ground-breaker and if you can’t admit that, stop going to the movies. And Peele is so humble about it. Check out some of his conversation with Auntie O discussing his win on #SuperSoul. This is why I decided to blog about the Oscars. Most of the things he shared resonated with me. So when you're finished watching, continue to stroll down to read the rest of my blog.

Awesome, right?!!!

Here are some other random thoughts I had on the rest of the show:

  • So, Jimmy Kimmel hosting for the 2nd time. Let me guess, Ellen said no. Why did he apology to Matt Damon for a JOKE when there are a WHOLE lot of other jokes he should've apologized for. Maybe because it was on an Oscar stage. But still. Ellen said no, huh.

  • Dunkirk won for all the main Sound awards - Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. Very interesting. NOT.

  • Where the f***was Angela Bassett and Halle Berry? I expected them and their damn fashions!

  • Kobe Bryant surprisingly won for Animated Short Film. But yoooooo, did you see how Koby cut off homey at the mic? The shade was real!! LMBO!!!!

  • Mudbound was the underdog film in a way, right? It had 1st time nominees like Mary J. Blige for Best Supporting Actress and Rachel Morrison for Best Cinematography. My goodness, Mudbound was a very hard movie to watch as a black woman AND a black mother. But they were missing some important nominations for this powerful movie. Like Rob Morgan, Garrett Hedlund, Jonathan Banks and Jason Mitchell. Why weren't they nominated?!! I know Denzel probably watched Mudbound thinking, “Why nobody called me for this motherfuckah?!” in his Training Day voice because these guys were AMAZING!! Not to say Mary didn’t do a good job. She did a great job…for her. I just had a problem with her being in a period piece wearing $500 designer shades and a fresh silk wrapped manicure. Sorry, MJB, I notice stuff like that.

  • The #HereWeAre pieces were beautiful.

  • Guillermo del Toro was the biggest winner of the night. Shape of Water won 4 Oscars, including Best Director for Guillermo. My heart shed tears of joy for him.

Congratulations to ALL the #Oscars90 winners!

Now, let me end this blog on a lighter note and discuss something that means a lot to me when it comes to the Oscars. THE RED CARPET!!! I wouldn’t be honest with myself and you if I don’t discuss the fashions now. This year’s red carpet was MEH. I expected a lot more from a lot of folks. I was disappointed about no-shows and some that showed up should've stayed home. I loved seeing the Black Panther cast on the red carpet proudly representing the excellence of the movie. And to me, they’re the only ones who really ‘brought’ it. Along with a VERY few others:

My Best Dressed List:

There were some fashions that should’ve stayed in a closed closet. I refuse to name names of the poorly dressed because I can’t say something negative about a person who actually had an invitation TO the Oscars. I was on the couch like the rest of the world watching in awe and envy. But when I AM invited, they better NOT put a mic in my hand. I’m going in!

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