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The Last Black Unicorn

First, I must admit, I do not care for audio books. Not a big fan of them. The only audio books I can tolerate and enjoy listening to is anything by Oprah. But I bought this audio book because I enjoy how Tiffany Haddish tells a story. I'm glad I made this decision. Tiffany's story is one to learn from, not just laugh at. She's honest, raw and so damn compassionate. Hearing her tell her story in her own words was a necessity. Not everyone would understand how black women's mannerism are when dealing with certain situations. Tiffany left me with a higher level of respect for her and her hustle. Thank you for sharing how difficult it is for black women to strive in a male-dominated business. Hopefully, it will help SOME woman out there know they don't have to lay on their backs or knees to get ahead, regardless who it is. I would've broken a few noses if anyone ask me to sex with him just to go on a tour! Disgusting. But I have my own stories I can share. And I will not leave out any names the way Tiffany have. People don't care to realize the length of discrimination and sexual harassment black women deal with just to prove they are talented and worthy to be recognized for their talent on stage, in the control room, in the studio, NOT in the bedroom. But Tiffany stayed strong and persevered. . I actually have a script where I want to see her play lead. Who knows? She ready!

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