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The Other Woman

Very good read. If there's a husband/wife on this earth who can not or do not understand what a man/woman goes though when infidelities are concerned, they need to read THIS book. I forgot this book was even written by a man, it was THAT thorough of the pain a woman feels towards her husband, the other woman and herself. The book may have been about cheating spouses, neglected marriages and poor communication, but it was mostly about honesty. Charles is a coward who deserved that bullet. Even when he was caught, he was disregarding his wife's plea for his honesty and he STILL chose not to tell her. She had to go find it herself. He couldn't save the situation from getting even worst if he had just told her before she got a hold of the IMs between him and Jessica. I blame everything on him. I blame every other person's action and reaction on him. I even blame David's death on him.

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