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JT's Halftime Show @ Superbowl LII 2018

Yes, I am NOT a football fan, I don't follow any football players, teams, coaches, anything football. Hell, I thought the Giants was a baseball team until 2014 and I'm a New Yorker! But I DO enjoy the half-time shows. This year was done by Justin Timberlake aka the white-boy Usher. What did you think of his show? I actually enjoyed it. Maybe because I watched it AFTER post-editing, but I really enjoyed the entire lighting show. That was mad dope. It must be a dream come true for dancers and musicians to be able to perform at the Superbowl. Like, you can just show the half-time show as your reel. That's so cool. There was A LOT of hateration on social media. The peoples were not pleased. Don't know why. It was a good show! How could you NOT enjoy that Prince tribute?! THAT'S HOW YOU TRIBUTE A LEGEND! I literally screamed when I saw the Prince projection. You have to give JT props for that. He literally had the whole city lit in purple...literally.

And sidenote: JT is aging very well. Ok now, L'Oreal.

I was waiting for Missy Elliott to come out at some point tho.

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