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Waking with Enemies (Gideon #2)

Not to sound like a prude by the sexual relations in book 2 that took up half the novel. After the 1st 3-some, we got it. They're connected. I wanted to know more about Thelma and Arizona's background. Unless their backgrounds are in another book, I haven't read it yet. But I really wanted to know what made Thelma Thelma for her to make Jean-Claude Gideon. Her lifestyle is what lead him to his lifestyle and I understand how he chose to cope by growing up to being a professional hitman but to have a child raised in that type of environment is scary. I wanted to know what type of hold Scamz really had/have on Arizona for her not to kill him as soon as she found out he was sleeping with her sister. Clearly he left quite an impression on these sisters where their hatred for each other grew AFTER his death instead of just moving on. I did enjoy that every journey came full circle and the connected dots were clever especially with the preacher's wife. I see people have mixed feelings about Sam, but he deserved what he got.

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