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Xscape: Still Kicking It on BRAVO

Xscape Still Kicking It on Bravo

While it’s fresh on my mind and my eyes are still wet from the tears, I gotta say, it was an emotional roller coaster watching Xscape these past 4 weeks in Just Keeping it. They really showed us a Finale yall. I mean, sheesh. There’s so much to go over. Well, not really. But I want to say that it felt so good to see the ladies on stage again. ALL 4 OF THEM! Not 2 or 2.5 or 3. ALL FOUR!

Why are they NOT recording an album together? We can only go by what they tell us, but I have my assumptions as to why Kandi chose not to record an album. So, let me share my opinion as though I’m actually talking to the ladies of XSCAPE like a life-coach or something. Wait, I take that back. Not like a life coach. I might cuss and start talking about somebody’s momma. IF I had the opportunity to sit with these ladies over a few cocktails and crab cakes, this is what I would share;

I must say, what I appreciate most about Kandi Burress-Tucker is her honesty. She wasn’t my favorite before, but she is now. (well, she’s actually tied with Tiny.) Kandi wears her

Kandi and her facial expressions

heart on her sleeve and can NOT be fake which I love most. If anyone wants to know how Kandi feels about something, pay attention to her facial expressions. She can’t hide her true feelings for nothing!! I know Kandi can’t be my spades partner because her face will give us away every time. I’ve watched her these past few weeks share with us everything we NEVER knew before about the group and she was the main one who was up front and honest about it all. Thank you for that. And she wasn’t trying to shame anybody or put anybody on the spot or anything like that. She just wanted it to be fair and clear. I don’t like how she was being left out on a few important details like the business name and planning tours before the group were solid again. But she spoke up for herself where other people would’ve just ride along with whatever just for the cameras. Not everybody can appreciate that which is why they try to label Kandi as “the one with the attitude”. Nope, not me. I labeled her the “the professional one who would go hood in 2.2 seconds.” When Kandi was having cocktails with Tiny Harris in NOLA and she said Tamika only apologized so she can benefit financially. I screamed, “THANK YOU FOR GETTING IT!!” Because I was thinking the SAME thing! I didn’t believe her apology was genuine either until the Detroit concert. Like Tamika said, she felt God on that stage. Hell, WE felt God on that stage. (Karen Clarke-Sheard has that effect on people.)

Xscape singing with Karen Clarke-Sheard in Detroit

And THAT’S when I believed her apology. She really meant it, Kandi. That came from all of her heart. I just hope you guys can really grow TOGETHER from this. At your own pace, of course.

Xscape at WWHL

When the show started, I felt like Kandi was being forced into something she’s not ready to do and she was just reacting and NOT allowing herself to be delegated. She stayed true to her words the whole time. Even in the WWHL interview, I felt there were some uncomfortable vibes all over that room and she didn’t give a damn. Lol While the Scott sisters giving answers like they’re in a beauty pageant, Kandi was like, “They’re recording together, I’m not singing with them” with the WHOLE neck roll. Girl, that tickled me.

Didn’t you point out already that they didn’t do well with just the three of them before? So WHY in all 7 heavens are they making another attempt at it? I think Tiny is just going along for the sake of friendship this time and she don’t want to do it without you. I’m just saying.

Tiny singing to her husband T.I. and baby Heiress.

Tiny Harris, you are such a damn sweetheart. I see why you’re everybody’s favorite. You are the glue to this group, not just the babysitter. But I think you’re loyal by default. You and Kandi do NOT need the money OR the publicity. Your goal in reuniting the group was about inner-strength and self-accomplishments that you so rightfully deserve to do. I was so happy for you when Tip showed up looking clean in a suit with the kids and flowers. Queen, you deserve to be happy.

Tiny and Kandi in parking lot discussing Xscape

I’m glad you chose to stick with it with these ladies as well. Not for them, but for you. You are a strong, beautiful and talented woman and do NOT let ANYBODY tell you different. If they do, tell Kandi because you know she’ll go hood in 2.2 seconds. When you and Kandi were arguing in the parking lot and you rose your voice at her like she was King or Major, you scared me for a minute. I did NOT want to see you and Kandi go at it. Not ever. You hear me womans! You stay on top of them and continue to do so. But let's be honest, you know damn well if you don’t do an album with the Scott sisters, they won’t have an album. Let’s keep it real. In fact, I don’t know why you’re not leading more songs anyway. You have a beautiful voice. In fact a second time, why don’t you and Kandi do an album together! Mona Scott-Young needs to get on that.

Xscape at the BET Awards

Tamika and Latocha Scott have not changed one damn bit except physically. Tamika is still the wild and funny one. And Latocha…*sigh*. The arrogance is so old and so are the riffs. You would think after all this time; there would be some sort of humility in her at this point. At THIS point. But damn, she was denying details from the very beginning and trying to paint a different picture. Hell, she need to be apologizing publicly too! But that didn’t happen. And nobody held her to her wrong, except Kandi. Damn, did she NOT learn ANYTHING from R&B Divas?!

Xscape trying on outfits.

All the work Tamika had done to her body was distracting. I do not hate. I would if her body was real tho. But damn, she was working it like she really needs that Bravo check. Tamika has such a huge personality with a beautiful voice. Was all of that necessary? I know first-hand child-bearing does a number on a woman’s body but I can never understand how in-authenticity LIKE THAT is considered keeping it real. I would say more, but Black Twitter is saying enough. Plus her husband isn’t complaining, so…

Have anyone else noticed with the Scott Sisters, when Tamika did something wrong, Latocha

claims to stay out of it and the same for when Latocha is wrong about something, Tamika is “I’m staying out of this.” That’s your cue to know that one of them is wrong about something. Because if they were right, it would be a fight! Blood is thicker than mud.

SIDENOTE: Tamika, that apology on stage in Detroit spoke volumes. Really showed your character. I applaud you for that. Not everyone is mature enough to understand or act on the importance of a sincere apology. You earned my respect for that.

Tamika apologies to Kandi on stage.

It’s interesting to me that Latocha STILL had a problem with Michael Mauldin but he didn’t hold any grudges against Tamika for lying on his Johnson playing peek-a-boo with Kandi. I’m just saying.

In conclusion, thank you ladies for sharing this journey with us. You guys had us glued to the HDTVs all across the country. Singing along every song and cheering Kandi on for not messing up the dance moves. It was awesome.

Here’s the clip of them explaining why Kandi isn’t recording with them:

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