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About Me

T. Billi Martin, a proud Brooklynite, transitioned from runway modeling to tv & film production starting with attending acting classes with celebrity coaches. After achieving her Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts/TV & Film production at LIU - Brooklyn, she has rigorously been working as a writer, director, producer and all-around filmmaker working on theatre, film and tv productions for network stations, premiere channels and various film companies.  She also produces and hosts popular tv shows on the Brooklyn Free Speech channel - The Caribbean Voice TV, BFunny, and the award winning TV series Women Are Talking TV


In Aug 2022, Billi went through a life-threatening surgery women refer to as "The Big Chop" to end her battle with fibroids.  She has documented her excruciating journey to help women all over the world know that they do not have to suffer in silence.  It’s ok to ask for help. Thanks to sponsors like City Artists Corp Grant, she’s currently in post-production for her new documentary, Suffering in Silence, to premiere in 2023.


Billi IS an Emmy-winning Technical Director for BRIC TV's #BHeard Town Hall series: Class Divide Breaking The Pattern of School Segregation.

Emmy Winning TD.jpg

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Office Space
"Working alongside T Billi, her greatest qualities are attention to detail, the ability to troubleshoot any situation and to remain calm under pressure. Her leadership skills are vital to any organization and carrying out responsibilities in a timely fashion makes her an important addition to any team."

Vixon John

Video Producer at Apartment Therapy

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