Emmy-winning Technical Director (Tricaster, Livestream, Ross Carbonite, Dashboard),  Director/Producer (Film, TV, Theatre),  Writer (Celtx),   Videographer (Canon 6D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark IV),  Studio Camera Operator (Hitachi 3000),  Editor (Premiere CS6),  Floor Director,  Production Assistant,  Teleprompter,



Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Media Encoder, Encore, Audition, Bridge) Final Draft, Celtx, Screenwriter, Ross Carbonite, Dashboard, OBS Studio, Tricaster, Livestream, Microsoft Office, Google





FILM                                                                                                                                                             * Crew   

Reel Sisters Film Festival 2017-Present           Production Director                            African Voices Publishing

Reel Sisters Film Festival 2007-2015                Board Member                                    African Voices Publishing

ABFF 2015                                                             *Technical Director                             Film Life Inc

ABFF 2014                                                             *Production Mgr                                  Film Life Inc

John Wick                                                             *Production Assistant                         PPNY INC

Desperation (short film)                                      *Director/Writer/Producer                Billecia Productions

I Am Legend                                                         Extra                                                      Rose City Productions

TELEVISION                                                                                                                                                       * Crew   

BK LIVE (series)  (2/2014 – 7/2017)                  *Tech Dir/Floor Dir                              BRIC TV/BPN

BHeard Town Hall (seasonal)                            *Emmy Technical Director                 BRIC TV/BPN

Women Are Talking TV (series)                         Host/Producer/Editor                       Billecia Prod/Brooklyn Free Speech TV

B-Side LIVE (2/2014 – 7/2017)                          *Technical Director                              BRIC TV/BPN

BFunny                                                                  *Producer/Editor                                 Billecia Productions & BIM/BPN

The Caribbean Voice TV                                    Host/Producer/Editor                        Billecia & GPM Productions/BPN

AFROpunk 2014                                                   *Independent Producer                     Brooklyn Independent Media/BPN

Our Hen House                                                    *Tech Dir/Prompter                             Brooklyn Independent Media/BPN

B-Civil                                                                    *Tech Dir/Floor Manager                   Brooklyn Independent Media/BPN

XFactor 3                                                               *Production assistant                          Blue Orbit Productions/FOX

The Groove Masters Show                                 *Camera person                                  E.P. Wally Gator Watson/BCAT

WEB                                                                                                                                                             * Crew   

Refresh LIVE                                                       *Technical Director/Director               LittleThings.com

Garbage to Gold LIVE                                       *Technical Director/Director               LittleThings.com


*varies performances*                                       House Manager                                   Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts

Restored                                                              *Director/Producer                              Billecia Productions

Passion                                                                 Cecile, Mrs. D, Rita, Chantal               Pantheon Th,  w/ Dir. Tracey Moore-Marable

Harmony                                                              showcase performer                           Pantheon Th, dir. Tracey Moore-Marable



LIU - Brooklyn                                                     2012 Graduate                                      Bachelor of Arts: Film/TV Production

BRIC Arts Media                                                 Certified Producer                               

Scene Studies                                                    Experienced actor                               coach: Tracey Moore

Monologue preparation                                    The Spirited actor                              coach: Tracey Moore




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